Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Interview with Ankh creator Jacob McKeone

Hey everybody! Today, I'll be sharing an interview I did with the Ankh box mod creator, Jacob McKeone. I stumbled upon this mod on Instagram, got in touch with Jacob, and within a day or so I'm EAGERLY awaiting my new, completely wood, parallel 18650 box mod! I've got to say it looks absolutely beautiful and has quite a buzz on Instagram! I always try and local local builders, creators and outfits, so it is with great pleasure I bring you this interview today. Enjoy!

Carlos: So, I got to ask, what got you into building?

Jacob: I have been vaping for roughly 7 years, and I have always tried to get better setups, back when us vapers on ECR used to stack 350 batts and run 3 ohm cartos at 7.4v. I got into mechanicals, got into cloud chasing and it was all downhill from there. I wanted more output, more power, more battery life. I did some research on basic electronic circuitry and came up with two options. A series connection to run double the voltage, but retain the same mAh and amp rating. Or to run a parallel circuit, to double my vaping time and amp draw. I took the later as my option. 

CarlosAbout how long does it take to produce an Ankh mod?

Jacob:  If I were to sit down and make one, do nothing but that single mod, it would take me about 2 days. But, since I only work in "batches" I can do several at once. I can do up to 16 at a time and leave no time wasted.

CarlosHow can people purchase the Ankh, and about how long is the process (from order, to door?)

JacobPeople can find me through my instagram, or word of mouth. I currently tell people to expect two to three weeks, because I (contrary to popular belief) have a very active life with a full time job and a loving girlfriend whom isn't obsessed with vaping. I understand that 14 to 21 days is a long time, but I often ship around the 7-12 day mark. 

CarlosWhat made you name it the Ankh?

JacobI love history, I love Egyptian culture. The Ankh is the Egyptian symbol for the Key of Life, or the Key to the Nile. I think it is an elegant symbol that meant a lot to their culture, and honestly it's just badass.

CarlosDo you have any plans to wholesale, or offer through an online/in-store location?

JacobI am open to both options, I am in discussion with quite a few retailers, along with some local guys about doing wholesale and maybe setting up an exclusive shop to sell them through. It all comes down to what I feel is right. If I don't like the vibe I get from wholesaling, I'll stop doing it. I like the intimacy of selling them one by one, though it's a pain in the ass when it comes to shipping time!

CarlosWas the Ankh a prototype, or did you always have the box mod in mind?

JacobI made a few prototypes, most of them failed. Then I just took my time and did it right. I've never liked tube mods, I only own one. The box feels more natural in-hand, and it doesn't get hot. It's just my style I guess, I"m glad the general public has finally seen the advantages of using a box over a tube mod. Seeing as my mod is around half the price of most authentic mods and hits harder than all of them.

CarlosCan you tell me a bit about the build? 510 connection quality, wiring, material used? 

JacobI currently offer four finishes. They're colors that I have seen look good on the wood bases I use. They are all made out of a red oak base, stained and gloss applied. I offer a Mahogany, Ebony, a Golden Oak and a darker Walnut color. I try to keep the options to a minimum because I am just a single dude making these by hand. I offer a spring loaded connector, though I discourage it. I offer magnets, but that too, I discourage. Moving parts and magnets just lead to trouble. Keep it simple, basic and with as few moving parts as possible and you will have a successful product.

Carlos: Do you have any plans for another build in the future, or an alteration of the Ankh?

Jacob: I plan on upgrading equipment, upgrading the mod, the quality and the design. All in all, six months from now you will not recognize my mod. It's still in it's infancy, and it hits like a truck. Looking into higher quality items, getting things custom made to set my product apart from others.

Carlos: Tell me about your setup!

JacobI actually use one of the parallel mods that I sell, with one minor change. I installed a USB charger and glued the mod shut. On top of it I run a stillare with some 20g microcoils. I stand by my product day in and out. 

Carlos: Any last words?

Thank you Carlos for taking the time to type this up for me. I'm looking to sell more mods, get my name out there and make some people happy. I try to offer a decently priced device with sales at least once a month. I don't want people to look at my mod and say "yeah, it's nice but look at that price tag!" I want it to be dependable, affordable and hit hard. That's something you don't find with authentic tube mods. They're all overpriced. I want others to have a reliable device at an affordable price. :)

You're welcome, Jacob! Needless to say, I am extremely excited to get a crack at the Ankh, and watch it grow in the future. If you'd to purchase an Ankh mod, visit him on INSTAGRAM(ankh.mod) or email him directly at ankh.mod@gmail.com.

The ANKH is currently $ 100.00 this week only! 
(regularly 120.00 shipped)

Thank you for taking the time to read this, everybody!

Get in touch if you have comments or questions!
Vape Strong and Live Long!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Joytech eRoll + juice review

Today I'll be going over the Joytech eRoll ands some juice provided to me by VapeRev. I'd like to personally thank Amber, all those at VapeRev, Midas Juice, and Mr. GoodVape

The eRoll by Joytech is a tried and true take on the "cig-a-like." It is aimed at those making the transition to vaping, affording the user the look of a cigarette, without all the negative aspects of a traditional analog. It comes packaged alongside a portable charger, a usb cable, two batteries (3.7v) and 2 atomizer heads. The eRoll is powered by a small atomizer that holds roughly .6ml of e-liquid. The 3.7v battery is is 1000mAh, so it has the capability of providing lengthy life, though mileage may vary depending on how much you use it. It is well constructed, last's throughout the day with normal use, and works relatively well when compared with similar setups. Here is what I liked about the eRoll

The eRoll is small, sleek, and portable. It slipped in and out of my pocket with ease, and was a treat carrying around. I typically have two batteries, a bottle of juice, and whatever mech I grab, so I am usually weighed down quite a bit. It was very convenient having something I could throw in my pocket and forget about. It also is a "hands-free" device, as the eRoll only fires when you drag; therefore no need to worry about it firing in my pocket!
Ease of Use
The eRoll is hassle free, as all you need to do is fill the atomizer, attach the cone, and screw in the battery. The device fires when you drag off of it, cooling down afterwords almost instantaneously. The combined portability and hassle free experience really do the eRoll justice, it is perhaps the easiest device I have ever used. The atomizer rarely leaked, it fired instantly every time. I have used the Blu and similar blister pack cigalikes, and they're absolutely terrible. If the cigalike is up your alley, the eRoll is the golden standard.
Vapor and Flavor production
The little 510 atomizer surprisingly produces a decent amount of vapor AND flavor! Though it isn't comparable to a traditional tank system, it is leagues better than the Blu and other alternatives. The vapor production is surprisingly dense, and the flavor is actually just as good, if not better, than a few tank systems I own.

Overall, the eRoll is a beginner device, aimed at those transitioning into the world of vaping. If you don't want to mess with a larger device like the MVP, don't want to constantly replace coils, carry around juice and extra batteries, the eRoll is a sound alternative to tobacco. The ease of use, performance, and long battery life all make this a WINNER in my book!


Flavor: Okay, before you write me off, just listen. When you think of e-liquid, Pistachio doesn't exactly spring out at you. Surprisingly enough, it is a very complex, tasteful, and interesting experience. It has the traditional pistachio taste, with a hint of salt, even managing to work in the shell taste! It's a warm, flavorful vape, very organic and true to nature. It's got a twist of tobacco and dark chocolate, but it is definitely nutty.
Aroma: Like a bowl of Pistachios. Pair it with your favorite beer, and get ready for a nice time!
Throat hit/vapor: Surprisingly mellow, but it does produce a nice plume of smoke.
Overall: Though it definitely isn't something you could vape all day, it is a nice treat, and an interesting foray into experimental liquid. If you're a fan of the nut, you will definitely be a fan of the juice. 4/5


Flavor: Yummy yummy yummy. A true take on a classic flavor, utilizing the cake batter and sweet, heavy vanilla taste exceptionally well. The inhale is delightfully strong on the vanilla end, with the exhale being dominated by cake batter. Very sweet, very rich.
Aroma: Just like a hot, fluffy cupcake slathered in vanilla frosting.
Throat hit/vapor: The throat hit is definitely heavy, with the equally dense vapor partnering with it nicely.
Overall: A very flavorful, rich dessert vape, sure to please both cake & vanilla lovers.


Flavor: This is out of this world amazing. Both part's sweet and sour, this juice is a refreshingly nice take on sweet summer drink. It's got the familiar "bite" of pink lemonade, loaded with sweetness and just the right twist of sourness. 
Aroma: JUST LIKE THE DRINK. The smell fills the air, which is just wonderful.
Throat hit/vapor: The throat hit is sharp, and the vapor production is wispy. Not dense, but definitely has a presence. 
Overall: I love lemonade flavors, and it's nice to try one so delightfully true to form. It manages to perfect the pink lemonade formula, being sweet, sour and refreshing in all the right places. To lemonade fans out there, this is a definite no brainer.

I enjoyed my time with the eLiquid provided by VapeRev, as well as the eRoll. I once again would like to thank all at VapeRev, Amber, and all the e-liquid manufacturers. Without you, none of this would be possible.


Thursday, June 26, 2014


Oh yeah. Today, I'll be going over the ZampleBox, both as a service, and juice provided. 

The day my ZampleBox arrived, I was ecstatic. I had no idea what to expect. I looked up YouTube reviews, browsed forums, and noticed a ton of satisfied customers. Frantically rushing inside, I ripped into the package, and was absolutely blown away.

First, my order was very well packaged. A ton of bubblewrap surrounded my box of liquid, offering peace of mind knowing my order will be safe in transit. Tucked away in a little green box, are two felt baggies, each containing 5-6 bottles of a variety of e-liquid. Alongside the liquid, are coupons and business cards for the various vendors, each offering varying discounts and specials.

The liquid I received ranged from Peach Lemonade (NicQuid), Heist (AlphaVape), Santeria (AlphaVape), Strawberry Fields (RocketFuelVape) Mysteriously Deep (Clevervape), amongst others. Right off the bat, the 44.99 price point was done a great justice, considering I got 11 bottles, with the aforementioned being priced at

Peach Lemonade - 8.19 + shipping
Mysteriously Deep - 8.99 + shiping
Heist - 12.00 + shipping
Santeria - 12.00 + shipping
Strawberry Fields - 6.50 

Those five bottles alone would total 47.19, (plus) applicable shipping fees. So, essentially, the remaining six bottles are free!

The service is simple.

You visit ZampleBox, and click the "get started" tab. Once there, you will complete a brief four question "flavor profile", so that the team can better service your preferences. The profile is rather simple, consisting of

How would you best describe yourself? Beginner, intermediate, advanced?

Your ZampleBox will include a delicious hand selected assortment of flavors of the best vaping liquids on the market. Are there any flavors that you do NOT want to receive? Here, you can choose to omit tobacco, menthol, both, or select "Send me everything."

Would you like us to include exclusive coupons in your ZampleBox so that you can save when you purchase more of the e-liquids that you love? Yes, or no? These coupons essentially pay for the service itself, as some can be as high as 50% off!

Would you like to only receive e-juices that are made with USA made ingredients? Yes or no? Preference, really.

Once this is completed, you're required to choose a subscription.

The "Gold" Zamplebox includes
120-150ml of e-liquid at 44.99

The "Standard" Zamplebox includes
60-90ml of e-liquid at 24.99

No need to do the math to tell that this is a quality deal, people. Even if every bottle was 5.00, the "gold" box essentially provide you with two+ free bottles, and the "Standard" 1-3+ free bottles! 

The process was extremely fast, my order shipped the very next day (they tend to, if placed early enough) and arrived in about 3 days. From WA to AZ, especially considering two of those days fell over the weekend, that is some snappy shipping speed.

They are offered in 0, 6, 12 and 18mg increments.

After selecting your tier and nicotine level, you complete the payment process. Did I mention shipping is included? Not to mention...their is no annual contract! The charge is recurring, (taking) place on the date you purchased the box, but subscribers are free to cancel at any time!

Zample partners with a multitude of reputable vendors, such as NicQuid, Johnson Creek, Golden Drops, Cyclops Vapor, and more! 

Every box is a surprise. If you're a fan of surprises, or simply wish to broaden your horizon, I don't see an alternative. With ZampleBox, you're able to test a multitude of e-liquid from a variety of credible vendors, as Zample ONLY supports the best (95%! of potential vendor are actually DENIED!) 

To sum it up, ZampleBox is a shot in the dark that manages to hit it's mark, believe it or not. With the ability to sample a wide range of liquid, cancel at any time, and potentially stumble upon a vendor you love, there is no better place to go than Zample! 

I'd like to personally say, it has been a great pleasure dealing with the company. You can tell they're ia team who truly has a passion for their craft, and the industry they're apart of. From the way they communicate, to the quality liquid they select, down to the beautifully packaged box of delicious liquid, it is absolutely wonderful dealing with a company that truly values their customer base. With that in mind, I'd like to bring you the top three liquids I am positively enamored with!

Genesis(by seducejuice)

Flavor: This liquid is absolutely bursting with flavor. I can't even begin to describe what I taste, I get mango, citrus, licorice, with an absinthe twist. I am not big on absinthe flavors, but it is quite mild, as this juice is dominated by the mango/licorice combo. It may sound crazy, but this is a flavor NOBODY should miss. Personally, my new all day vape!
Aroma: A delightful infusion of citrus and licorice.
Throat hit: Slightly on the heavy side, but definitely compliments the flavor.
Overall: This liquid is magical. I seriously have never had a tastier liquid, nor one that managed to nail a variety of flavors without compromising the overall taste. Get yourself a bottle NOW. 5/5

Mysteriously Deep (by Clevervape)

Flavor: This liquid is a conumdrum, as they tout they're "As confused as you are." I pick up hints of fudge, cake, butter, and macaroon. It's a very, very decadent dessert vape, sure to please all who are a fan of the blend. 
Aroma: Sweet, buttered fudge.
Throat hit: The throat is no mystery, it is powerful!
Overall: Another wonderful liquid, toying with a variety of flavorings, at a great success. If you're a fan of chocolate dessert type liquid, this will definitely not disappoint. Not to mention it comes in a very nice glass bottle! 4/5

Jamican Sunset (by Vaporhut) 50/50

Flavor: A tropical explosion of flavor, with pineapple and peach being at the forefront of the vape. A very, very fruity sweet liquid, retaining an organic quality. It's a hard liquid to put down, as every vape just exudes tropical sweet fruit flavor.
Aroma: Pineapple, with a hint of lime.
Throat hit: Incredibly smooth, this liquid is definitely meant to be tasted!
Overall: A fantastic tropical liquid, sure to please any fruit fan. Get over to vaporhut now, as no review could do this liquid the justice it deserves. 5/5

I'd like to personally thank Tony, Chris, and all those at ZampleBox that make this subscription service possible. Your genorosity is held in high regard and you've definitely found yourself a subscriber. I'd like to ask all my readers to get over to ZampleBox and give them a shot. At 44.99, you're able to sample a wide variety of liquid, of a more than generous amount.

Get in touch people!

Vape Strong and Live Long!

Juicy E Juice round two!

Today I'll be going over some liquid provided by JuicyEJuice. I've had a great experience with them in the past, and happy to say the same for round two!


Flavor: "Watermelon Wowzers" manages to capture the sweet, juicy taste of watermelon, all without succumbing to the dreaded artificial taste. It is a bit on the candy-sweet side, but nevertheless, a delicious treat!
Aroma: Smells like a watermelon jolly rancher! The scent lingers as well, filling up the room with a delicious scent.
Throat hit: Pretty sharp, especially at a lower nicotine level. Get ready for a punch!
Overall impression: This is a pretty straight forward liquid. It isn't a delicate mixture of a variety of flavorings; it is watermelon done justice! 5/5!


Flavor: Strawerry Delight is a bold flavor, fleshing out the ripe, sweet taste of strawberry. It is on the organic side, so it isn't as sweet as I'd like, but it is definitely a decent strawberry juice. It has eluded that "oh my god, this is the strawberry liquid I've been searching for!" factor, but it isn't bad. 
Aroma: Like a fresh strawberry, freshly plucked from the fields.
Throat hit: Very mellow, quite enjoyable.
Overall impression: I appreciate the effort, but it is just a bit bland. Perhaps I will never find a suitable strawberry juice, but I must go out on a limb and say thus far, this is as close as I've got. 3/5


Flavor: Wooooow. This has got to one the zestiest liquids I've ever had. It definitely has a strong, lime punch, with a twist of lemon on the exhale. It is quite strong, packing a very sour punch. It's a unique change of pace, and for those who crave something sour, this will not disappoint.
Aroma: Just like the rim of a margarita glass: salt, lemon, and lime. 
Throat hit: The throat hit is just as strong as the flavor, one of, if not the, punchiest throat hit I've ever had.
Overall impression: I cannot vape this exclusively, considering it is very, very sour. I base my rating on flavor above all, and considering it is almost identical to taking a bite out of a lime, it gets a solid 4/5


Flavor: Slightly spicy, with a unique sweet twist. It is similar to a cinnamon red hot, but a bit sweeter. Actually a nice balance, as the cinnamon isn't quite as strong, especially out of a dripper. I love cinnamon liquid, and this is a hit, as the sweet taste creates a very enjoyable balance of candy and spice.
Aroma: Cinnamon permeates, though it is not nearly as strong tasting, as it is smelling.
Throat hit: Cinnamon, in my opinion, always hits hard. Perhaps it's due to the combination of the candy flavoring, but this isn't as hard hitting as you'd expect. A nice medium.
 Overall impression: This is a great, great liquid. It's a cinnamon juice that is sweet, alleviating the overpowering taste commonly found in other cinnamon based liquids. I could seriously vape this all day, and if you're a fan of red hots, you've got to get over to JuicyEjuice. 5/5

I'd like to thank JuicyEjuice and Samantha for providing me with this fantastic liquid. It has been a great pleasure and I look forward to future business.

GET IN TOUCH PEOPLE! FORM TO YOUR RIGHT! I am always interested in pursuing new avenues, helping out the people who support our industry in any way I can.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Alchemy eLixirs E-Liquid Review

Busy week! Today, I'll be going over a few organic liquids brought to you by Alchemy eLixir. They're 100% organic, free of PG, artificial sweetener and colors. I must say, they're quality concoctions, and I'll definitely revisit them in the future!

100% VG

Flavor: This particular juice is a conundrum, teasing the palate with the light taste of an apple, parried by the tangy smack of apple juice. It has a tart edge to it, a bit on the sour side, with the sweet apple taste lingering throughout.
Throat hit: Quite substantial; compliments the flavor well, but doesn't overpower your throat.
Aroma: The strong scent of apple juice permeates.
Overall:  This liquid is a pleasure to vape, offering sweet, tart and sour all in one. If you're a fan of apple juice, or looking for an alternative to your run of the mill sweet fruity liquids, definitely consider Apple Juice. 4/5

100% VG

Flavor: This is definitely a blueberry dessert liquid, combining equal parts blueberry and the creamy, slightly buttery pastry. It is a bit on the sweet side, which is a change, considering dessert offerings are rather decadent. The inhale is where the buttery pastry taste permeates, with the exhale being dominated by the sweet, ripe taste of blueberry.
Throat hit: Fairly mellow, not at all harsh on the throat. The go to juice for flavor, perhaps a great alternative to other's when you have a sore throat/are sick.
Aroma: Rich blueberry, you'd swear you had a batch liquefied and bottled!
Overall:  Quite enjoyable, though not something I could vape throughout the day, due to the light throat hit. When I'm in the mood to flavor chase, this is definitely in contention, and all you flavor cravers out there, this should be a staple rotation in your Kayfun's or RDA of choice. 3/5

100% VG

Flavor: Quite possibly one of the most unique liquids I have ever had the chance to sample. It manages to satiate the palate with the familiar taste of french toast; buttery bread, a slight hint of syrup, and a back end of sugar. It's definitely a powerful flavor, bursting with taste.
Throat hit: Another mellow vape.
Aroma: Like fresh made french toast, right out of the pan.
Overall:  This is an innovative liquid, borderline dessert, but lacking that overall decadence you'd find in other offerings. It's got the hint of butter, bread and syrup, coming together in what becomes a surprisingly tasty vape. Not something I could vape all day, it is fairly strong, but it is definitely something I could go to after a nice meal. 4/5

100% VG

Flavor: Oh my. Wow. Dang. I have found the defining Strawberry liquid at LAST. "Strawberry Dub-Step" is so RICH in sweet, ripe strawberry taste that it nearly makes my head spin. It is the real deal, folks, and trust me I've searched high and low for a strawberry liquid I liked. This is the perfect mix of ripe fruit taste and sweetness that you'd come to expect from a quality fruit juice. It also has a touch of apple too, though not as permeable as the strawberry.
Throat hit: Punchy, absolutely enjoyable.
Aroma: This juice almost smells better than it tastes, believe it or not. It smells like sweet, candy like strawberry. The aroma lingers, creating a wonderful smelling environment.
Overall:  This is hands down, one of the finest liquids on the market today. If you're on the hunt for a strawberry juice that doesn't disappoint, get over to Alchemy eLixirs NOW. 5/5

100% VG

Flavor: It's a unique take on the pina colada, boasting a powerful coconut taste, with a sweet raspberry note on the exhale. It's a very, very sweet juice, sure to satisfy you flavor chasers with a sweet tooth! It has a bit of a floral accent on the inhale, however it too is sweet in nature, certainly not "plant" like (you'll know the taste) if you've had juice with floral components.
Throat hit: This juice hits like a train, I swear, nearly knocked me on my ass! I prefer a heavy throat hit, but caution to those dripping, you might want to try this in 6mg!
Aroma: Coconut and blue raspberry candy... mmmmmmmmmm.
Overall:  This is a very, very tasty juice, packing a helluva punch. If you're in the mood for something sweet and tasy, you've got to get over to Alchemy eLixirs!! 4/5

I'm slowly but surely becoming a fan of organic juices. They're so RICH in flavor, and Alchemy eLixir has the formula down pat. Thanks for the opportunity guys, I urge everybody to give them a try now. At just 13.00$/15ml, with a glass bottle and dripper, it's a hard deal to pass up!

get in touch get in touch get in....oh nevermind, you know where to find me !


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to sample five best sellers from Vixen Vapors. I had heard great things about the company; the reputability is definitely warranted, as it is some of the best liquid I've ever had. Let's get to it!


Flavor: Pixie Stick!! Candy flavored liquid is the key to my heart, with this mix being a clear contestant. They have a very even blend of chalk like taste and candy, though it could be just a bit sweeter.
Aroma: To those who've had the candy, it is the fond chalky sweet smell.
Throat hit: Surprisingly punchy! I am not at all picky when it comes to throat hit, however it has to compliment the flavor, or else it just doesn't work. I find that candy flavored liquid is best when it hits like a truck, with this particular blend being no slouch.
Overall impression: Whether you're dripping or using a standard tank, this juice is a definite favorite. It has the right balance of flavor, and although I would like it to be a bit sweeter, the lack thereof tells me that it isn't heavy on artificial flavoring, which is always a safe bet. I can definitely vape this throughout the day, and to those who prefer a candy-like juice but can't stand the artificial, soap like taste that plagues a majority of mixes, you'll be right at home with Pixie Dust from Vixen Vapors. 4/5


Flavor: This is an interesting blend. It is a combination of strawberry, cream, and white chocolate. The white chocolate is faint, though it is noticeable depending on your setup (I would recommend dripping.) The strawberry and cream combination is a successful one, with equal parts sweet (yet fruity) and decadently creamy.
Aroma: Strawberries and cream! Quite enticing.
Throat hit: Very mellow. I wouldn't go as far as saying it is faint (keep in mind, 12mg is on the low side so your mileage may vary) but even out of the dripper, it's a cool, easy vape.
Overall impression: It's a definite winner, that's for sure. The flavor is quite palatable, and should satiate both dessert and fruit aficionados. The mellow complex may turn some off, but you must understand this is smooth blend, best dripped, in order to maximize the flavor. The combination of strawberry, chocolate and cream is an absolute home run, and to those who chase flavor, I couldn't praise this higher. 5/5


Flavor: Another innovative amalgamation, Zom 'B' Gone is a tropical, fruity blend, with a twist each and every vape. The flavor layering is quite complex; I have picked up pear, peach, watermelon, and strawberry. Whether or not this is accurate, remains to be a testament to the complexity of this juice. It is wonderfully fruity and sweet, and I simply can NOT PUT IT DOWN.
Aroma: Strawberries and cream! It smells like tropical fruit, peach being at the forefront of the combination.
Throat hit: Delightfully sharp without being in your face.
Overall impression: In a world where it would be permitted cost effective, I'd like to see this offered by the gallon. I have yet to try a juice so miraculously fruity and sweet, without diminishing the palate, or exuding any offputting qualities, such as a soap like taste, the "perfumey taste, and what have you. I can't say anything more without potentially compromising the affinity I have for this juice. It is that damn good. 5/5


Flavor: The juice tastes similar to it's origin; (ocean water) and to those who have had it, it is a well made juice. Ocean water is a combination of sprite and coconut juice, and although this isn't a "fizzy" vape, it definitely tastes like a coconut, with a hint of lemon lime.
Aroma: It smells like Sprite!
Throat hit: Middle of the road hit wise, not too pronounced, but not negligible. A pleasure out of any RDA, RBA, or tank system.
Overall impression: I am sure they're plenty of people who would appreciate the flavor the juice affords, but I personally was never a fan of ocean water, or coconut, or sprite! I won't let my inherent distaste detract from the juice, as it is not bad, it is just simply not for me. 3/5 (though I imagine it is a potential ADV for it's target audience.)


Flavor: Another fruity concoction; again presenting flavors that can elude the palate due to the overwhelming complexity. I pick up grape fruit, cranberry, and cherry. It is touted as a fruity, berry combination, and it definitely take's it's name in stride. 
Aroma: It smells like cherry, though similar to Zom 'B' Gone, it is a complex blend.
Throat hit: This liquid hits like a truck! It is quite powerful, almost incapacitating out of the dripper, though that can be attributed to the nicotine level (as I do prefer to drip this.) Nevertheless, when I am in the mood for something hard and heavy, this is my go-to liquid from now on.
Overall impression: It is a well made flavor, though it does not have the "wow" factor that Zom 'B' Gone has. It is fruity, it is berry like, but it isn't the best of both worlds, unfortunately. Those who have tried it love it, so I have little doubt the juice has many naysayers. It is a solid 3/5, if you're into fruity blends, give it a whirl!

I enjoyed sampling the Vixen Vapors line, and will definitely be a customer in the near future. They do well with their complex blends, managing to retain the sum of all parts. I look forward to sampling the line, and recommend all my readers to give their liquid a spin!

As always, get in touch. Form to your right. You know the drill.


Monday, June 16, 2014

You send 'em out, I'll knock 'em down...the reviews just keep coming folks, and today I'm happy to present to you the Roar Vapor liquid review. They're a vendor located out of Tennessee, offering quality hardware with tantalizingly good juice to boot. Well packaged in quality plastic bottles, brandishing awesome logo work (a t-rex, really? that's just sweet!) AND taste great to boot...we've got another winner! Let's get to it!

I've decided to omit the inhale/exhale, as it's typically subjective, and usually entirely dependant on the setup you're running. It wouldn't be truthful to say juice A is devilishly sweet at .3ohms, only to disappoint somebody running a standard 1.6-2.4 ohm coil. 

Flavor: A delicate dance of peach and cream, culminating in a pleasurably sweet, yet decadently rich, vape. With a name like Peach Ecstasy, I anticipated a very flavorful peach blend, but was quite surprised. I must say though, the peach does take a backseat to the cream, as it is both dominant on the inhale and exhale. The peach notes are detectable to the palate, just not as powerful.
Aroma: If you've ever had a peaches and cream lifesaver, the smell is near identical.
Throat hit and vapor production: 6mg is a pretty comfortable level to drip, not to mention creamier juices usually don't pack a wallop. Decidedly mellow, but definitely their in it's own stride. As far as vapor, I don't know if I wrapped perfect microcoils today, but I'm using a .3 ohm dual coil build and I am getting dense, heavy FOG, not vapor!
Overall impression: Peach ecstasy is most definitely rich in flavor, and overall very decadent. For those who enjoy a nice cream base, you'll be right at home here. I was hoping for a bit more peach in the mix, but it doesn't detract too much from the overall flavor. I'm giving this juice a solid 4/5.


Flavor: Another tasty fruit infusion, Strapple is a mixture of strawberry and green apple. The strawberry cuts through the mix a bit more, but the green apple is definitely on the back end of the exhale. It's more a tart green apple, I've had sweeter, however it is the strawberry that exudes the succulent, sweet taste. Delightfully organic to boot; you'll be satisfied knowing this juice isn't an artificial in the slightest. I mixed up a bit of angel tear (menthol flavoring, provided by Roar) and it gave it a minty punch, which I'd recommenced to you menthol lovers.
Aroma: Fresh strawberry.
Throat hit and vapor production: The throat hit is very mild, not harsh at all. Vapor is a tad wispy, but to be expected from a juice absent of cream/dessert flavoring.
Overall impression: Pretty impressed, to be honest. The strawberry is so natural tasting, I'm tempted to try a base strawberry liquid. It is in my experience that strawberry is a difficult liquid to perfect, but they have it down pat. The green apple is a nice touch, and it's nice to know that it isn't as strong as the strawberry. If you're looking for a sweet, somewhat tart juice, get on it! 5/5! (We're on a roll..)


Flavor: This liquid is definitely magical! An intriguing fruit variety, I pick up cherry, blueberry, and grape tones. It manages to be sweet without compromising the flavor profile, shrugging off even the slightest hint of artificial/perfume/soap like taste. It's a peculiar flavor to be sure, and definitely a different vape for everybody.
Aroma: Smells very much like a cherry, but the actual vape tastes so much more complex.
Throat hit and vapor production: Even at 6mg, this juice hits like a truck! It compliments the taste well, though, if it was any weaker it wouldn't work so well. Very airy, wispy vapor.
Overall impression: Trickery is afoot, that's for sure. This is definitely one of the more inventive liquids I've had, and it is quite a pleasure to vape throughout the day. Would recommend to all looking for a pleasant fruity mixture. 4/5!


Flavor: I just could not put my finger on this juice, actually had to reference the website description. I got a strong watermelon with a hint of lime. Turns out, it's a zebra stripe gum juice. Once I read that, I promptly snapped back to my childhood, nostalgia goggles are in full effect. It's sweet and tangy, managing to shrug off any artificial/soap/perfume like taste. I've been dripping this throughout the day, and let me tell you, it's one of the tastiest juices I've ever had. (I'm beginning to feel biased here!)
Aroma: A curious infusion of lime and sweet watermelon.
Throat hit and vapor production: The throat hit is veyr light, do doubt about it. I think the sweet, tangy taste would get lost in translation had it hit any harder than it does. Vapor is relatively wispy, doesn't form clouds as well as other juices, that's a mere observation, not a gripe.
Overall impression: Anything that can take me back to the good 'ol days has a special place in my heart, with the added bonus of it actually being GOOD! If you're searching for a fruity, tangy juice, and want a blast from the past, pick this juice up,.. now! 5/5!

Flavor: The website description states this take on RY4 is a sweeter blend, a mix of caramel and vanilla, with earthy tones. I've got to disagree here, 'cause this juice is straight up nutty. It is unfortunately one of the weaker RY4 blends I've had, comparable to the Chinese version. It's a weird mixture of caramelized tobacco and burnt nut, quite harsh, and just overall not something I could vape.
Aroma: Smells very tobacco like, earthy if you will.
Throat hit and vapor production: Harsh throat hit and light vapor production. Bit too harsh for my tastes.
Overall impression: Though it is well known I am not a tobacco enthusiast, I have came across a bottle or two of RY4 that I liked. Unfortunately due to the oddly roasted nut taste, as well as harsh throat hit, I simply can't revisit this juice. 1/5


Flavor: Just a bit too heavy on the buttery side, this juice is vapeable, but lacks the semi-sweet taste of the candy.
Aroma: Smells as you'd expect butterscotch to smell!
Throat hit and vapor production: Another mild dessert throat hit, with incredibly dense vapor.
Overall impression: Not a bad juice by any means, just a tad heavy on the buttery/creamy side. I prefer a slightly sweeter taste when using butterscotch, but I am sure others reside on the opposite side of the spectrum. While not a total disappoint, it just barely missed the mark. 3/5


Flavor: An exciting blend of pear, coconut, and cream. The bled melds together well, offering a slightly sweet, yet devilishly cream flavor. If you're a fan of mother's milk, you'll be right at home here. The pear and coconut blend well, but my palate definitely gets more of a crisp pear taste. The coconut tones are subtle, but definitely noticeable every now and then. The cream is just perfect; it's not overwhelmingly dense, in fact the quite opposite, it's rather light. Compliments the pear taste very, very well.
Aroma: Smells like a pear and coconut juice infusion.
Throat hit and vapor production: The throat hit is quite punchy, chalking it up to the light cream. Oddly enough, the juice produces some ridiculously dense vapor. Those who prefer to subohm, you will be a walking, talking chimney in NO time.
Overall impression: Another infusion I have yet to try, Roar Vapor definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. It's equal parts coconut, pear and cream, with neither flavor clashing with the other. I could definitely vape this all day long. 5/5!


Flavor: Pretty cut and dry, it's a slightly creamy, peppermint like mint juice. Tastes almost exactly like a peppermint candy. Would love to see it offered alongside chocolate, could be a total hit! Though it is a menthol juice, the menthol taste doesn't linger on your lips or tongue, in a way that similar juices do. It's a zesty vape, so don't expect anything sweet here.
Aroma: Smells like a peppermint candy!

Throat hit and vapor production: In my opinion, menthol juices always hit hard. Your mileage may vary, depending on your aversion to mentholated juice. Vapor production is quite modest.
Overall impression: This is a tasty juice, but does get a bit old after a while. It's a juice I like to use to cleanse the palate during an extended sampling session. Definitely not bad, and has potential to be an all day vape for somebody. 3/5

I definitely had a blast samping the Roar Vapor line, finding only one juice I did not like. It's always a pleasure dealing with smaller vendors, and I am quickly coming to the conclusion that they often have some of the best juice. I'd like to extend my thanks, and by the way guys... totally representing the brand!

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As always, vape strong and live FOREVER! I mean...live long.