Sunday, October 26, 2014

Infinite Cartel review

I always love working with MtBakerVapor. Micheal is such a great guy and never fails to surprise me! He gave me the opportunity recently to review this particular cartel, and man, it is beautiful mod. Be sure to use coupon code "vapocalyptic" for 10 % off your order !


- Silver plated brass contacts
- Full tube set
- Recessed button


- So far, so good !

HCIGAR Paragon Review 18650

Hey there people, I'm slowly but surely beginning to translate some of my work over to youtube. It is easier, it is quicker, and I can reach a wider audience. I love to write, and while I'll never abandon blogging, I've got to say...youtubing is pretty fun! 

I don't have the best camera, but it is what it is. With that said, be sure to watch my review on the Paragon 18650 mod by HCIGAR. 

You can pick yours up for 32.99 at


- Copper construction
- Recessed switch
- Buttery smooth threads
- Sexy carbon fiber finish
- Brass contacts
- Telescopic pin


- Thin metal - don't drop this !
- Silly vent hole placement
- Telescopic pin rattles, does not fire with some automizers

Overall, I do recommend it, it's a nice entry into the world of copper mods without breaking the bank. Be sure to watch the video and pick yours up today!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Smokenmist E-Juice

Hey everybody! Another E-juice review, courtesy of Smokenmist has a great selection of must have, affordable vaping gear, as well as top notch e-liquid. What are you waiting for? Get on over there!

0 MG
80/20 VG-PG

Overview : A tantalizing mixture of succulent strawberries and devilishly creamy cheesecake. Out of the mail, it smells a bit deceptive - kind of like cheesecake, but no hint of strawberry. Vaping it, however, is a completely different story. They come in standard bottles with the flavor name, company name, mixture, and warnings - I've got to say, I love it when a company takes their time to perfect what is in the bottle, and not the bottle itself.
Flavor : ADDV. All damn day vape. Once more. ALL. DAMN. DAY. VAPE. Strawberry monroe is in my opinion, the mother's milk/suicide bunny KILLER. With a delicate balance of sweet strawberry and the creamy, custard like taste of cheesecake filling, this is heaven in a bottle. I've never had something so sweet, so tasty, so.... just, yeah. I've really got to nag Aaron (president of smokenmist) about adding large ML bottles...say, a gallon? ;) In all seriousness though, if you're a dessert junkie like I am, this will absolutely blow you away.

0 MG
80/20  VG-PG

Overview: A fruity blend, weaving peach, berries, and melons. I was curious why it was named "Plush", so as I was pulling the image, I read the description - "don't stroke the furry wall!" and as you can's a furry wall. Well, when the world slips you a Jeffery, stroke the furry wall.
Flavor: Despite the intriguing aroma and spectacular ingredients list, Plush unfortunately falls a bit short, in my opinion. I'm not a big fan of fruity juices, however peach is and always will be one of the few I can tolerate - unfortunately with plush, I get a tinge of berry, and an overwhelming amount of melon - and I am definitely not a fan of melon. To fruit/berry aficionados
, this has the potential to be a home run, however I've got to respectfully pass. I will note however, it does have a very clean taste - I find nearly all fruit juices overly sweet or artificial, but at least plush has a crisp, distinctive taste.

80/20  VG-PG

Overview: A summer time classic. The refreshing blend of tangy yet sweet raspberry and the delightfully sour lemonade culminate in a classic, tasteful beverage. Right out of the mail the crisp smell of lemonade permeates, cutting through the berry mix. Raspberry Lemonade used to be an ADV for, and I'm happy to say this particular incarnation finds it's way into that category with ease.
Flavor:  A simple yet complex mix - lemonade is notoriously hard to perfect. It can be too sweet, too bitter, too tangy, up to and including downright unvapeable. I know, I've had my fair share of  "lemons", no pun intended. It is evident however that Aaron has managed to perfect the blend, leading to artistry in a bottle - this is a definitive raspberry lemonade. The raspberry is pronounced, mixing well with the lemonade, curbing it's bitter-sweet taste. It's not too sweet, not too bitter, it's... it's actually quite impressive. I couldn't vape it all day. but it is definitely refreshing, sweet, and a treat of sorts - an after dinner vape, perhaps.

80/20  VG-PG
Overview: I've never had a dragon fruit, however after trying this juice I can say I don't really want to have one. It's not... bad, it's just... different. I imagined a sweet tasting juice, however it is kind of sour, almost like a melon.
Flavor: I, personally, was not a fan of this juice. It tastes like a sour melon. I really can't put my finger on it or articulate much more than that - I'm not a fan of melon. For what it's worth, however, my wife absolutely loved it. She tore through a 10ml in about a day. It's not a bad juice, I mean, it doesn't taste nasty, or have a funky smell, it's just.... different.

80/20  VG-PG

Overview: Despite the name, I instinctively knew what this was going to be - Zebra Stripe Gum. Don't ask me how, don't ask me why, I just had an inclination. I'm not huge on candy tasting vapes, this one however, kept me coming back for more. It's sweet, it's sour, it's zebra stripe gum and it takes me back to when I was eight years old.
Flavor: If you've ever had zebra stripe gum, than you know what to expect. If you haven't, well, to quote Mr. Ricky Bobby... if you don't chew zebra stripe gum, then .... well you can fill in the blanks, or watch the movie! Animal House Gum is delightfully sour and sweet, managing to replicate the taste of actual gum without compromising it's fruity and sweet integrity. If you're in the market for a sweet and sour vape with a candy kick, definitely pick up some animal house gum.

It's been an absolute pleasure working with Aaron and I
'd like to once again personally thank him for his generosity and support; people like you are the backbone of Vapocalyptic. The knowledge and experience I gain by working alongside companies like yours are what propels not only Vapocalyptic but myself forward. 

Thanks for reading yet another Vapocalyptic review, and as always, vape strong and live long.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Skeleton Key by HCIGAR

Today, I'll be covering the Skeleton Key clone by HCIGAR, provided by Aaron at It's a work of art, and I'd like to urge all my readers to stop over at for affordable prices on a variety of mechanical mods, tanks, juice and rebuildables.

Before I start this review, I'd like to take a moment to speak to Marquis personally. Although I sincerely doubt that the creators of the authentic Skeleton Key will be reading this review in particular, I'd still like this point to somehow get across.  

The clone war will not stop, guys. Your legal team can threaten suppliers, vendors, and ebay sellers, (and rightfully so) but it is inevitable. Your device will continue to be copied, sold, and marketed with or without your patent(s) and trademark(s). As a company, I sincerely understand your objection - you have provided the community with a wonderful device, a device that contains your blood, sweat and tears - and it is being ripped from under you, and sold at a lower cost. Corners are being cut, manufacturing and QC processes aren't as strict as your manufacturing process might adhere to. While I do sympathize with you; know this. Your device IS a work of ART. You have created something so beautiful, so elegant, so profoundly efficient that it is hard to NOT clone it. With a clone available, your device can be in the hands of people who may otherwise never been able to afford something so exquisite, unique, and well made. Any publicity is good publicity, and I sincerely believe that a clone will find it's way into the hands of a user who very well may purchase the authentic - I know I will in the future, as I am impressed. Impressed enough to warrant spending 250.00+ on what is essentially a metal tube, a contact, and a switch.

The fact of the matter is, a large majority of the community simply cannot afford such a device, and while I would never, ever suggest a way to run your business or price your product, I would like you to see the other end of the spectrum- your innovative design is afforded the ability to find it's way into a larger niche of the market, something I personally find this to be invaluable - and I sincerely hope that those who own a clone of the Skeleton Key by Marquis take into consideration purchasing an authentic, as it is the only clone that has inspired me to do so personally. Feel free to email me at if you see this message and would like to further discuss opinions and business practices, I'd love to hear from you.

With that said, the Skeleton Key by HCIGAR is a wonderful, wonderful mod, so much so I am hesitant to use it - it seems fitting that it remain on display, much like the authentic. Let's get onto the details and I'll share my thoughts.


- Brass 
- Three piece design (18650, 18350, 18490, and separate sleeve to use a kick)
- Telescopic silver contact pin
- Silver firing contact
- Unique locking mechanism - magnetic 360 lock ring allows it to be locked, and unlocked, with a 1/4th of a turn
- 510 connection
- 23 mm diameter


- Superior machining, boasting beautifully made threads that are buttery smooth at each juncture
- Low voltage drop, under load test showed about .23 drop
- Silver contacts that won't deteriorate and wear down like copper
- Deep, pronounced engravings, notably the Key - I doubt this is wearing off anytime soon
- Innovative lock ring that can be adjusted with just a 1/4 of a turn


- Top caps are becoming a thing of the past - look at the 4NINE, Stingray X, Nemesis etc - the top cap is a bit gaudy and adds unnecessary length and weight, in it's absence you would notice a shorter profile and lower voltage drop
- 23 mm diameter, so not everything will sit flush


In all honesty, I have yet to hold a mod as elegant as the Skeleton Key. Boasting a deep engraving on the main tube and quality laser engravings on the switch, it goes without saying that sometimes, simplicity is key. The device retains an aura of elegance without going overboard and employing a multitude of varying designs. The design was conceptualized with a hint of style and classiness, and it is safe to say HCIGAR managed to replicate this wonderfully. Pictures do not do the Skeleton Key justice - I had originally thought it to be too simplistic, lacking if you will. When it was in my hand, however, I could not help but be completely spellbound - intricacies of the engravings will captivate and amaze, even as a clone.

The mod itself is beautiful as well in brushed brass, and I can only imagine a natural patina will amplify it's antiquity and it's "days of old" inspirations. The top cap is notched, however it is is a bit too big for my taste - currently authentic owners are receiving improved flat caps. I would have liked to see HCIGAR wait and release their version with a hybrid / flat cap, but it isn't a deal breaker because the voltage drop is well within the acceptable range. A flat top cap would also afford a smaller profile - this thing is a bit big, not nearly as large as the king, though it definitely towers over my Fuhattan.

The switch, however, is something out of a dream - a cloners dream, if you will. Typically the clone community gets the short end of the stick when it comes to the switch. We have all dealt with the nightmare inducing nemesis switch, the endlessly crunchy stingray switch, and the infamous king switch. I would consider a top dollar purchase like the original just by the switch alone - it is that wonderful. I have had a ton of mods fire in my pocket, scorching my leg, decimating my high performance builds, so I find it extremely comforting to not have to worry about this ever happening.

The switch itself is brass, remaining quite conductive, however it is the design and innovation it exudes that makes me giddy with excitement. The switch itself is spring loaded, however the floating locking mechanism is magnetic. Not only does this afford trouble free operation, it also allows the Skeleton Key to be locked with just a 1/4t of a turn - I can lock, unlock, lock, unlock with just a flick of my finger, endlessly taunting my friends, who stand astonished in the inherent ease of it's  design.


Not only does the Skeleton Key marvel with it's articulate design and immaculate attention to detail, it also performs extremely well - I would go as far to say that it hands down trumps my entire collection. I ran a few different setups on it and compared them to my fuhattan

Skeleton Key with a Mephisto RDA - .4 dual coil
Skeleton Key with a Stillare V3  .2 dual coil
Skeleton Key with a Tugboat .8 twisted single coil

I tested each dripper on both the Manhattan and Skeleton key and hands down, the Skeleton Key put out denser, longer clouds than the fuhattan - a completely copper mod! Naysayers will have you believe that copper is the most conductive material to use although it is not. Silver is in fact the most electrically conductive metal. To think that HCIGAR managed to authenticate and implement high quality silver contacts at an affordable price is something out of a dream, I'd say. I absolutely love the telescopic contact feature - it is actually quite easy to adjust for battle rattle with just a few slight turns, and because it is a two piece design, I do not have to spend much time getting it right.

With that said, the Skeleton Key by HCIGAR is also surprisingly user friendly - I have been able to fire a variety of drippers without having to constant fiddle with the telescopic pin, or deal with battery rattle. I have yet to pair it with a tank or dripper that it refuses to fire - something I can't say for what is unfortunately quite a few mods in my collection.

Final thoughts

Without going off on a clone war tangent, I will just say this - I support the clone movement. I do prefer logoless designs, as I do not care for "made in the U.S.A" and 1:1 logo/design replications - imitation is the best form of flattery, but theft is always theft. I hope that the market comes to an agreement on the clone war soon, so that everybody can shut up and vape! After all, that's all we're trying to do, right?

With that said, the Skeleton Key by HCIGAR is hands down, the nicest clone on the market, at least in my experience. I would place this over the fuhattan, stingray x, nemesis, panzer, king, tree of life, caravela, stingray (in all it's incarnations), hades, etc - I have owned countless, and none of them stack up to the Skeleton key by HCIGAR.

It is well made. It is conductive as all hell. It hits like a turbo charged train. It has no noticeable construction or quality flaws. It has inspired me to purchase the authentic.

This is the real deal, folks. Shoutout to Aaaron at he is a hell of a guy and a pleasure to do business with. Be sure to stop by and pick up a mod or some juice, his Strawberry Monroe a mothers milk killer - yes, I said that. Be sure to follow us on instagram @_vapocalyptic and @smokenmist.

PS: has had to remove the Skeleton Key. If you're interested in purchasing the brass version for 34.99, please contact The copper version is 50.00. Thank you!

As always, vape strong and live long people.