Sunday, January 25, 2015

Velvet Cloud Vapor E-Juice

Hey everybody! Today I'll be going over some of Velvet Cloud Vapors E-Liquid. I've got to say, it is some of the best all natural, organic juice I've had the pleasure of vaping. Lets get to it! 

Velvet Cloud Vapor utilizes all natural, organic ingredients in their juice, distilled water, USP grade vegetable glycerin, and hand brewed, american sourced nicotine extract. Exercise caution - due to the natural ingredients, you may want to avoid blends that contain flavoring(s) you may be allergic to, such as fruit, nuts, etc. You can e-mail VCV and double check that you juice does not include such ingredients that may have an adverse effect on your health. VCV blends come in 0-24 mg nicotine, 100% VG, 15ml, 30ml 30ml x 4, and 120ml bottles, starting as low as 9.90. Bottle preference is plastic or glass.

100% VG

DescriptionGingerbread with the right amount of spice and cake like texture to feel fresh from the oven, with a dollop of frosting on top. Deliciously baked on the inhale, a glaze of sweet frosting on the exhale. 
Impression: This is a liquid that immediately had me thinking "I never thought of vaping this, but I wish I had!" Why? I don't know, really. I definitely love gingerbread cookies, especially the frosted version, but I've yet to stumble across a similarly flavored liquid. Thank god I did. Straight out of the mail, it smelled like a fresh baked gingerbread cookie. I was instantly impressed, as it smelt as organic and natural as the ingredients used to make it.
Flavor: Spot on gingerbread. You get the semi-sweet cookie taste on the inhale, with the frosted icing on the exhale. It is a perfect combo as a treat, and more-so as a liquid - it was genuinely enjoyable, sweet and dessert like, but not overbearing, The flavoring was light yet I found myself thinking more would be intolerable.
Overall: I'm not 100% sure if this is a seasonal liquid or a staple in their line up, but give it a try. If you enjoy those little frosted gingerbread cookies, this liquid will be a constant in your daily rotation. It's sweet, desserty, and is gone too soon. 5/5

100% VG

DescriptionAn amazing and enigmatic blend of chocolates, cream, butterscotch, doughnuts, and fudge.
Impression: Ahhh....the moment I saw the "minty" I told myself, I'll try this last. I personally have only ran into two, maybe three, minty liquids that I could vape consistently. The smell of it was kind reminiscent of a thin mint - okay, I can go with that. Let me just say....Minty Mewlews was a wonderful, wonderful surprise.
Flavor: A lot is going on in this juice. The aforementioned description can be a bit intimidating - it is not often that mixers can pull off mixtures that call for a variety of flavors - yet Minty Mewlews is a particular, wonderful amalgamation of everything decadent and sweet...with just the right kick of minty freshness. The inhale is very rich in chocolate, almost with a hint of glazed doughnut, while the exhale provides a kick of creamy butterscotch and a blast of mint to tie it all together. This particular liquid is quite an enigma - in a dripper, I primarily got butterscotch, mint, and chocolate. In a tank, I got a lot of cream, dough, and mint. It shines particularly well when used with semi - tight airflow and twisted wire to allow the flavors to pop. All in all, it has a very rich taste, and a nice twist of mint. Each and every aforementioned flavor shines in the mix, albeit in their own way, and typically dependent on the particular build you're utilizing. Prior to vaping this, I'd rather mint stay away from my chocolate, cream, and butterscotch liquids, however Minty Mewlews has it's own special place in my rotation from now on.
Overall: Just give it a shot. It is a lot to take in, but Minty Mewlews remains rich in chocolate and butterscotch, light on the doughnuts, and has just the right amount of mint to make it all somehow work. 5/5

100% VG

Description: A thick, delicious favorite - creamy vanilla custard
Impression: Vanilla custard is no doubt a favorite in the community. It seems many outfits work diligently to craft their own unique, flavorful, and inspiring custard blend. With such a variety to chose from, it is almost surprising that many who enjoy custard, seem to stand by their particular brand - be it Cuttwoods creamy strawberry unicorn milk, the ever eggy yet delicious Custards Last Stand, and for this guy.... plain 'ol Vanilla Custard from Velvet Cloud Vapor.
Flavor: Yup. I said it. In the war on custard, I'll be at the frontlines for Velvet Cloud, because I would literally drink this if it didn't make me sick (don't do it! never! ever!) It is in my opinion, the perfect execution of Vanilla Custard - flavorful, thick, and not overly eggy, but just the right amount of cream and vanilla blended together, culminating in an almost batter-like taste. The flavor is consistent in every setup I ran it through, equally flavorful, warm, and down right devilish. It was an all day vape ... for about 3 hours, and than it was gone...and I wanted to cry.
Overall: The finest blend take on Vanilla Custard I have tried to date. I would recommend this to every custard junkie, every dessert junkie, and even those who swear off dessert liquids (believe me, I know too many who do!) This will convert, turn a head, impress, and command your love and money all in one. 5/5

100% VG

Description:A rich and unique blend of Strawberry and Guava.
Impression:If you've read a few of my liquid reviews, you'd quickly take note that I am not the biggest fan of strawberry. When I started vaping, Guava by MtBakerVapor was my all day vape. I was excited to try an organic mix, but leery of the strawberry - I have had some decent, some bad, and some downright insulting strawberry liquids but this....well I'll be damned if I wasn't surprised again. 5 for 5? Surely he is brown nosing...nope. Nope nope nope.
Flavor: The overall flavor profile is impeccably sweet and tasty, fruity and tasty, crushing the long line of artificial tasting blends before it. I personally avoid fruity liquids, though some are good (green apple being a favorite) I just cannot enjoy them. Strawb-Gwab managed to shake me free of that, becoming the first liquid in my rotation to not be a dessert of some sort. The strawberry is impressive, serene, even. The taste is reminiscent to the bite of a fresh picked, succulent strawberry during summer - sweet, a bit tangy, and ever-so delicious. The guava blends well in the mix, providing a slightly sweeter, almost tangy kick on the exhale. Strawberry and guava - nothing complex is happening in this juice, but it tastes absolutely refined, a mastered blend, if you will.
Overall: Delicious! One of the best fruit flavored liquids I've tried, possibly on the market. If you're the kind of vaper who is always chasing the fruitiest, tastiest liquid, give Strawb-Gwab a shot - I promise you won't regret it! 5/5

100% vg

DescriptionAn amazing and enigmatic blend of chocolates, cream, butterscotch, doughnuts, and fudge.
Impression: Truly enigmatic, in a way that I am utterly dumbfounded that such a (seemingly) complex mixture could exceed every expectation I had, going above and beyond my suppositions.
Flavor: The blend is seemingly preternatural - I did not anticipate the juice to be so... so flavorful, so rich, so silky smooth and decadent in every way imaginable. Mewlews Magic capitalizes on each ingredient within, allowing each and every flavor note time to shine. In a dripper, the inhale was primarily chocolate and cream, with the butterscotch and dough taste on the exhale. The butterscotch permeates throughout every setup I tried, it is definitely the strongest flavor in the mix. In an RTA, it was a creamy, buttery vape, with chocolate lingering on each exhale. In a kanger tank (sub tank to be specific) the doughnut/cream elements really shined - this dessert vape was not as creamy, boasting a rich, chocolately bakery taste. To be perfectly honest, this was my favorite juice out of the bunch - it took a lot of flavors I loved and smashed them together with unrelenting success.
Overall: Give Mewlews Magic a chance, you're doing a disservice to your taste buds otherwise. If you crave dessert liquids like myself, or want to get your feet wet, I can think of no better liquid to try. 5/5

I've got to say, this is one of the most gleaming, positive reviews I've had the chance to do in a while. It's nice to have liquid that lives up to it's expectations, exceeding it's potential in nearly every way imaginable. I feel like a fool for not trying out VCV earlier, their innovative take on organic, boutique liquid definitely convinced me that the premium price tag is definitely worth it. Visit today and try a liquid or two, hopefully you'll be as impressed as I was! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Sigelei 150w

Today, I'll be reviewing the Sigelei 150w box mod. This thing is an absolute monster of a device, that just so happens to be affordable - at 99.99, you'd be hard pressed finding a similarily powerful device at that price point. You can pick yours up at for 99.99

If you haven't caught on, the wattage/box race is on - it is almost on a weekly basis that we see a new 20w, 30w, 50w, 100w+ device hitting the market. Clearly, the community is moving quickly in this direction - we need power, we need variability, and we need it now. Capitalizing on the success of the revisioned Sigelei (the 100w+), Sigelei brings something not exactly new, but better, to the table - the Sigelei 150w box mod. Notable improvements over the 100w+ are as follows

  • 150w limit
  • Bottom vent is now slotted
  • No waves!
  • Larger button
  • Fires to 0.1 ohm
Let's hit the manafacturers description

  • Variable Wattage Operating Range: 10.0W – 150.0W
  • Lowest Atomizer Resistance:0.1Ω
  • Battery Voltage Operating Range: 6.4V – 8.4V
  • Uses 2 x 18650 Batteries (Not Included)
  • Size: 103mm x 23mm x 57mm
  • Visual Operating System
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • High Voltage Warning
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • High Temperaturhole Warning
  • Use Replaceable Battery
Sounds great, doesn't it? Let's get down to the review!

- Build Quality

The Sigelei 150w is built like a tank, and aptly so - it is only fitting that such a powerful device is durably built. To get started, the box itself features a very, very nice shape - the corners are completely rounded, and the box itself is not as large as you'd think - more or less the same size as the 100w+, it's large enough to contain the internals, but compact enough to fit comfortably in the hand. The aluminum model feels very sturdy, and the finish is a nice matte black. If you're one of those people who struggle to use phones with larger screens, you may want to try for a smaller device - however I quickly got used to it. Asthetically, I find it much more appealing than the 100w+  - it is well rounded, precisely well machined, ergonomic, all black, and ditched those damn waves.

The 510 connection is identical to the 100w+ - spring loaded. This is a god-send, and to those of you who own the 100w+, you'll be right at home. If you're coming from the original 100w device, you're in for a treat - you no longer have to fiddle with the adjustable/removable 510 pins. Some have reported that the spring wiggles, however my research shows that this relatively uncommon - the 510 in my device is sturdy and does not wiggle. The great thing in my opinion about spring loaded 510 connectors is that if you know your way around a box mod, if ever you run into positioning trouble, they're fairly easy to remove and reset. Nearly every atomizer I threw at this thing sat flush, with the exception of the Magma. The Magma is notorious for an absurdly long 510 pin, so when mounted flush, the occasional bump or removable of the atomizer can cause a fluctuation in ohms. This can be rectified by removing the atomizer, and screwing down until it is snug - over-tightening leads to the fluctuation, and will wear out your spring loaded 510.

The buttons on the device are similar to the 100w+, however they're slightly easier to press - the firing button is a bit more flush with the device, and has yet to stick, a problem I've encountered with previous models. The buttons used to ajdust the wattage are both very tactile and clicky - they definitely seem like they will hold up. To power the device on and off, you simply click the power button five times. To lock the device, hold the "+" and "-" button, and repeat to unlock. Simple and effective. I like that the buttons are so responsive, they are a slight improvement on previous models.

Internally, it is nearly identical to the 100w + - you have your dual battery sled, your ribbon, your vent holes, and your chip. The back plate is held on by four magnets, and I've got to say - they're incredibly strong. Often I wake up and in a daze accidentally install the door backwards, and this can definitely snap a magnet - fortunately so, I have yet to have this problem, which leads me to believe that they're quality magnets. The battery sled itself is held securely into the device, and the contact pins are springy, making installing and removing batteries quick, and less of a wear on the device. The solder and wiring are completely hidden by the battery sled and plastic housing, which is great - the 510 is also directly over the sled, and not the chip. This gives me a little more comfort knowing a potentially leaky atomizer won't destroy the electronics as easily as it can in other devices - though you definitely want to avoid this at any opportunity.

The chip was originally rumored to be an in-house model, but it was revealed that it is in fact the SX YiHi chip. As you may know, it is a buck down chip - Instead of boosting power, (potentially) lying and improperly regulating, the chip regulates voltage from 6.4-8.4v  to your setting - essentially, it is far more efficient than regulating voltage from 3.2 up to whatever it is set. The device runs incredibly cool, even at the lowest firing range - 0.1 ohms. I personally don't miss the days of warm, metal tubes.

The LCD screen is identical to previous models - not much to write about. You have your battery graph, your ohms, your voltage, and your wattage. Pretty simple. All in all, this is a very, very well built device, fine tuning on the improvements the 100w made, but not completely changing the game. So... how does it vape?

- Performance

The 150w is quite possibly one of the most flexible mods on the market.

Looking to jump into vaping? You the type who likes to go big or go home, purchasing higher end equipment to avoid the hassle?  It'll fire you clearomizers (with 510 threading) starting at 10w - you may want to find a suitable coil, but it's possible.

Just upgraded to one of the better clearomizers, the nautilus mini? The nautilus? It'll fire those comfortably at 12w - 18w, providing surprisingly dense, flavorful vape.

It'll fire your RDA, RBA, RTA with unbelievable flexibility . 

You want a hot vape? Build around 0.1-0.3, crank up the wattage. You want a cool, cloud chasing vape? Utilize surface area, building around 0.6-1.1 ohms, and dial down your wattage. You want to utilize battery life? Build around 0.8 - 1.3 ohms, and dial down the wattage. Want to utilize some ridiculous surface area? Build high wrap quad coils, crank up the voltage. Want cool vapor from a twisted build? Try a high surface area wrap. Let's get down to a few builds I tried...

Mutation x V2 
Dual coil, 24g, 6 wraps, 0.3 ohms at 70w - flavorful, dense, and cool. Comfortable hit 130w.

Dual coil, 24g twisted, 5 wraps - 0.1 ohms, at 80w it's relatively cool and cloudy, but at 150w it's very warm, very tasty, and ridiculously cloudy.

Doge RDA
Single coil, clapton 24g inner 26g outer, 6 wrap, 0.5 ohms - at 60w, this is an all day vape. Warm but not hot, unbelievable flavorful, and clouds as far as the eye can see.

With so much power, it all boils down to utilizing the potential of any particular build. At the approriate wattage, any coil can sing - you can literally get the exact vape you want, and how you want. This is my defacto all day device - it goes with me to work, when I go out, and everywhere in between. Oh, and did I mention the battery life is stupidly amazing? On two freshly charged batteries, I can get about a day and a half of use at 50 watts. Insane. Definitely something I wasn't used to. While I am speaking of batteries, I forgot to mention it is important to marry a pair of 18650s - 25a+ only, preferable new, never used. These two batteries will go with this device, and this device only, to ensure that the amperage and overall life of the battery deplete evenly. I personally purchased two Samsung 25rs, labelled them 1 and 2, and assigned #1 to the left slot, and #2 to the right. This is paramount, as I initially used two pretty old VTC4s and let me tell you, I couldn't get more than 6 hours out of the device.


TLDR: Buy it. Outside of an extra 50 watts, it isn't a drastic change from the 100w. The build quality is better, the shape is sleeker, and the buttons are better, but the overall design is similar. For an additional 10 dollars, you get an extra 50 watts, and an (imo) sleeker looking device. Honestly, it is one of the most affordable variable wattage box mods on the market, built to last, and backed by a six month manafacturer warranty. It is flexible, it is sleek, and it out performs nearly all of it's competition. What are you waiting for? Pop on over to and pick yours up today for just 99.99