Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Vape Shack 808 Juice Review

Today I'll be covering some juice I received from the Vape Shack. They're located in Hawaii and I must say, they have very affordable prices on QUALITY juice. I swear it is some of the tastiest juice I've ever had! Starting at 5.00 for a 10ml or 30.00  for a 120ml, it is hard to go wrong.

Overview: Aunty Li Hing is a unique flavor, which also happens to be a popular treat in Hawaii. 
Final impression: Aunty Li Hing is a very interesting flavor. It tastes like a mixture of pineapple and mango, which a very sugary taste permeating throughout. It is incredibly sweet, and a deep red - this will stain your cotton something fierce. It's an interesting flavor though, as it is a truly unique taste - a fruity, yet incredibly sweet, vape. I could not vape this consistently as it gets tiring, but it is a nice juice when you're looking for a very sweet change of pace. 4/5

Overview: Ah, the peanut butter and banana sandwich. Aptly named after quite possibly the biggest fan of the tasty treat, Fat Elvis is a take on the classic gooey, tasty sandwich that Elvis himself swore by.
Final impression: Damn. This juice is absolutely amazing. It manages to perfect a natural peanut butter taste without any weird aftertaste, or odd butter flavor. The banana is incredibly real, a majority of banana flavors taste like runtz to me, this however tastes like the real fruit. It is a winning combination, just like the sandwich. It's a very creamy, thick vape, but it definitely does the dessert justice. I could vape this for the rest of my life. 5/5

Overview: An inspiring take on a beloved cereal, Captain Crunch.
Final impression: Out of the mail, the bottle smelled just like the box of cereal - I had high hopes. They were surpassed. I am quickly becoming a cereal juice junkie, and this is juice is no slouch. It has the berry taste, the corn cereal taste, and even a splash of creamy milk. It's definitely one of the best cereal flavors I've ever had, and this is another juice I could vape for the rest of my life! It's sweet, decadent, and disappears very, very quickly. 5/5

Overview: Another take on a staple dessert, banana cream tries to emulate the creamy, velvety vanilla pudding, and ripe banana taste.
Final impression: This juice didn't do it for me. I have yet to have a good banana cream, and I really hoped this would be it - it smelt wonderful. However, the pudding taste is a bit funky, almost like a bad custard, and the banana isn't anything like the fat elvis juice - it tastes like candy. It's not a bad juice, I am sure somebody would like it - it is certainly vapeable. However it did disappoint me, and I personally would not revisit it. 2/5

Overview: An interesting mixture, of which I couldn't begin to describe. It is sweet, fruity, and unique.
Final impression: Unicorn Tears taste like, well....unicorn tears. It is magical, you could say. It is incredibly fruity, but sweet at the same time - it is almost like every berry had be turned into a delicious candy and melted into a liquid. It's one of those juices you've just got to try, and you will either love it or hate it. I personally loved it, it's a very sweet, fruity vape, that is done right. This is a very hard juice to make, as "candy like" fruit can and usually does taste horrible. Unicorn Tears however managed to perfect the secret. Grab a bottle, let your taste buds explain it, because it is pretty hard to tell you just how awesome this juice is. 5/5
Overview: If you know, you know.
Final impression: This seems to be a secretive flavor, as even the websites overview states "if you know, you know." Perhaps it is a hit locally, a secret mixture, I am not sure - I am not native to the state. I can however tell you what I do know, and it is that this flavor is fantastic. It tastes like fruit punch with a strong menthol kick. For some, menthol is a deal breaker. I enjoy it if it is done well, and V Mist is a homerun. If you're looking for a fruity, sweet flavor with an icy chill, V mist will NOT disappoint. 5/5

The Vape Shack goes to show you that premium juice does not mean premium price. At just $5.00 for 10/ml, you too can enjoy some quality, tasty juice, without breaking the bank. Get over to the vapeshack now and pick yourselves up some killer juice!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MtBakerVapor Juice Review

Hello everybody! I'd like to apologize for my absence - I have had some computer trouble and have been left with mobile access only! With that out of the way however, today I'll be going over some new flavors from MtBakerVapor. I'd like to thank Michael for giving me the opportunity to review the new line!  Let's get to it!

Max VG

Overview: Vanishing Oatmeal Treats is a take on the traditional oatmeal raisin cookie. I have to say, I did have extremely high hopes for this particular juice - I love a good oatmeal raisin cookie. Right out of the mail, this particular liquid has a very sweet and spicy scent - not quite like cinnamon, but definitely packing a kick. I was a little hesitant to try it, considering the aroma was well removed from what I anticipated, however I found it to be an entirely different story when I actually vaped it.
Flavor: To be honest, it is surprisingly good! It has a hint of cookie dough, raisin, and a delicate cinnamon twist. The cinnamon is very, very faint, but I definitely taste it. Otherwise, it is the embodiment of it's inspiration - a true take on a oatmeal cookie! It succeeds where others have failed because, I think, it has the perfect blend - it is not too sweet, and it is not too fruity. Every flavor mixes together and somehow, they are all true middle ground - no particular flavor overpowers the other. I really enjoyed this juice.

Max VG

Overview: A tropical, fruity blend, definitely something that fruit flavor lovers will enjoy. It's an intricate mix, and by that I mean there is definitely a lot going on - it's nice to see such a complex flavor not fall through the cracks.
Flavor: It's kind of hard to describe what is going on here -  it's definitely a collection of fruits, I get a bit of orange, guava, and strawberry, with almost a hint of alcohol. This isn't a bad thing - I've had a few sex on the beach replications that manage to imitate that alcohol taste, without compromising the fruity flavor profile. If you're into fruity vapes, or a fan of tropical juices, this will be a definite ADV for some. Personally, it feels like too much is going on - I reserve this for when I do flavor-chasing builds, like twisted, or use my Nautilus Mini. Overall, not bad.

Max VG

Overview: I heard Apple Strudel and the first thing to come to my mind was - please, please, PLEASE do NOT disappoint! If you have followed my blog since it's creation, you would know, by and far my first ADV was Green Apple from MtBakerVapor. It was everything about a green apple that I loved, and I would demolish bottle after bottle. So, needless to say, I had extremely high hopes...
Flavor: They were exceeded. I have had a LOT of different flavors from MBV, and this is easily one of the best they've ever made. You get the warm, gooey strudel crust, a hint of cinnamon, and a very delicious, organic apple taste. This is my new ADV, without a doubt - it has got to be the current pinnacle of my rotation! I plan on ordering a large bottle in the near future, and I urge all those who love dessert/apple juice PICK THIS UP. NOW. Don't wait!

Admiral Berry Crunch
Max VG

Overview: Admiral Berry Crunch is a take on the classic cereal we all know and love, Captain Crunch. It seems that the cereal flavor fanbase is growing strong - everybody and their mother are salivating over Cereal Killa. It's nice to see MBVs introduction to the cereal game and I'm happy to say - they nailed it!
Flavor: If you've had the cereal, you know what to expect. Admiral Berry Crunch manages to emulate the crunchy, sweet taste of corn cereal, and the fruity, equally sweet taste of berry. What impresses me the most is it tastes like actual cereal, not sweet, desserty fruit. It actually reminds me of the very first bite of cereal in the morning, and now I see why this particular flavor is in high demand - it's wonderful! As an added bonus, it smells EXTREMELY good - my room often smells like a box of captain crunch...who could complain about that?!

Cinnamon Munch
Max VG

Overview: Cinnamon Munch is another shot at the cereal juice, this time attempting to emulate cinnamon toast crunch. I, personally, was never a fan of the cereal - it is far too sweet for me, This particular juice however, is FANTASTIC! I really do not know what it is with the cereal flavor - I wish they had this kind of stuff when I started vaping.
Flavor: Cinnamon munch is sweet, spicy, and I can definitely see why adults love it. It manages to replicate everything you'd love about the cereal - from the slight taste of milk, to the bite of cinnamon, and the sweet, sugary crunch in every bite. This juice is phenomenal, really - all these flavors are. I am quite impressed with MBV, and I eagerly await to see what they do in the future.

There you have it, folks. Make sure to get over to and pick up one of the flavors I reviewed, you will not be disappointed. You can use coupon code "VAPOCALYPTIC" at check out for a 10% discount. Vape strong and live long!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Infinite Cartel review

I always love working with MtBakerVapor. Micheal is such a great guy and never fails to surprise me! He gave me the opportunity recently to review this particular cartel, and man, it is beautiful mod. Be sure to use coupon code "vapocalyptic" for 10 % off your order !


- Silver plated brass contacts
- Full tube set
- Recessed button


- So far, so good !

HCIGAR Paragon Review 18650

Hey there people, I'm slowly but surely beginning to translate some of my work over to youtube. It is easier, it is quicker, and I can reach a wider audience. I love to write, and while I'll never abandon blogging, I've got to say...youtubing is pretty fun! 

I don't have the best camera, but it is what it is. With that said, be sure to watch my review on the Paragon 18650 mod by HCIGAR. 

You can pick yours up for 32.99 at


- Copper construction
- Recessed switch
- Buttery smooth threads
- Sexy carbon fiber finish
- Brass contacts
- Telescopic pin


- Thin metal - don't drop this !
- Silly vent hole placement
- Telescopic pin rattles, does not fire with some automizers

Overall, I do recommend it, it's a nice entry into the world of copper mods without breaking the bank. Be sure to watch the video and pick yours up today!