Friday, March 20, 2015

Goblin RTA

Finally, I have my hands on the Goblin

Is the Goblin taking the vape world by storm? Is it really everything it's cracked up to be?

With ridiculous air flow, four post design, ALL STAINLESS (!!) construction AND under 40 bucks, it is a definitive force to be reckoned with. It does have a few kinks, but at the present time, I am all but sure the v1.2 has rectified most of them. Let's break it down now.

With atomizers, it goes without saying that the quality of the atomizer in question is quintessential. If the manafacturer cut corners, you're going to to run into some difficulty. Posts can spin (or, in one case with a plume veil I had, NOT EVEN DRILLED OUT), screws can strip, decks short, etc, the list goes on and on. So, in the 24.99-34.99 price point, it's a safe bet to assume costs were invariably cut somewhere.

Well, either Youde is really, really good at keeping material and overhead down, or they just know what the community wants. After the animosity surrounding the ceramic wick in the atlantis, the chrome plated brass plume veil clones, and the chrome plated brass aspire mini, Youde listened to the community. Some put too much stock in the brass/stainless war, but I certainly want stainless steel, when available, at all times. It should be the standard, at this point. Copper and brass look fine on a mod, but I do not want any particulate matter in my lungs, and I'm sure nobody else does either.

So Youde decided to construct this bad mother out of solid stainless steel. The drip tip, deck, and chimney are 100% stainless, which is both durable, and SAFE. This is the kind of quality I've come to expect from higher priced authentic devices, and to see a 29.99 down RTA constructed out of stainless steel, is, well... a steal (don't groan, I know that was awful.)

Big plus, in my book. Now, just because it is constructed out of a preferable material, does that also mean the device boasts  similarly admirable usability? Yes, in fact, it does. Everything about the device is built solid. The deck is done exceptionally well, with rigid, straight posts. The screws are a bit finicky with larger wire, but we'll touch on that later. The deck itself is machined incredibly well, with some very unique juice channels. They run all the way down the base, ensuring a perfect vacuum is achievable. The included drip tip is a no frill approach, but has a wide enough bore. The 510 pin protrudes nicely, ensuring a snug fit on most devices, and even hybrid devices. The adjustable pin is solid copper, to boost conductivity.The included pyrex is reasonably thick, and fits like a glove when the tank itself is assembled. I do, however, have a few small complaints.

For one, the deck and chimney are on the small side. This makes builds larger than 2.5mm in a diameter a struggle, and to be perfectly honest, regular builds can be tricky as well. I find the key is getting your leads clipped as short as humanely possible, so that you can ensure the coils are as close to the block as possible. If they're even a touch backed out, when the equally small chimney is screwed down, the coils will touch the wall and short. I had a bit of difficulty adjusting to this, but it is rectified rather easily - 28g wires seems to be the consensus here, as you can get more wraps and maintain a smaller coil. This is something easily overlooked once you get more comfortable acclimating to the space constraints. I can know wedge in builds will relative ease, it just required a bit of a learning curve.

The second complaint is the screw hole on the bottom. This device is fed juice by way of a fill hole, which I have never been a fan of. The provided screw locks into place with ease, but for some reason, the device does occasionally leak - something I observed over the course of a few days. It could be the viscosity of higher VG juice, but for some reason, it does have a tendency to get a bit leaky.

Suffice to say, the Goblin is constructed well. Initially, the community was a bit nit-picky about the 3ml capacity, but Youde quickly introduced a larger tank and chimney, allowing the v1.2 to hold a surprisingly large amount of juice - 5ml, to be exact. Unlike the atlantis, you do not have to buy this extension separately - both the chimney and pyrex are included, which is a nice bonus.

So...let's break down the pros and cons so far.


  • Solid, full stainless steel construction
  • Ridiculous airflow (3mm, dual)
  • V1.2 includes an extension tube for higher capacity (5ml)
  • 22mm
  • Drip tip included


  • Deck is on the small side
  • Screws are hit or miss
  • Tends to leak from the fill hole (minimally, but noticeable.)
  • It can be hard to wick the device. I will share a video that was instrumental in getting this to perform to expectations, as the man explains it far better than I ever could.

So's a very, very good start. The pros far outweigh the cons. Now, if you're wondering how it performs...

It's an absolute monster. 

The Goblin v1.2 is a lean, mean, asskicking RTA machine. Though the design may need refining ever so slightly, it's an absolute beast of a tank, giving the closet RDA experience, in RTA form. The dual 3mm airflow is just as big as the mephisto! It's larger than the sub tank, atlantis, lemo, billow, etc - it just puts the majority of the market to shame. With the right build, and wicking, you can get serious sub-ohm clouds, and flavor to boot.

I was, in all honesty, absolutely blown away by this device. Before I go on further, let me back peddle abit.

The Goblin has four channels, which need to be delicately taken care of, in order to ensure optimal performance. I could give you a run down, but I found a video that explains in the greatest of detail how to get this thing rocking and rolling, with absolutely NO dry hits. I struggled getting consistent hits, until I stumbled upon this. Do yourself a favor and give it a look - this man has it down to a science., if you managed to sit through that incredibly long video, I applaud you, and hope you're well on your way to enjoying the device.

Once the build is perfected, their is absolutely no competition. The goblin can keep up with chain vaping, high VG juice, you name it. It seems that the science behind it is perfecting the wicking - and though it may be a continous process of frustrating trial and error, it is absolutely worth it. My experience with RTAs is minimal, but I can tell you that it gave me a far more enjoyable experience than the likes of the lemo, the billow, and the kayfun v4. It's on it's way to become an industry leader, and I see future revisions as the king of the RTA game.

Personally, I find it to be hands down, the best experience outside of an RDA. If you're looking to chase clouds and flavor, this does it all in stride. It is an absolute blessing, as I can now drive and work around the house without taking a pause to get a nice, dense, flavorful cloud.

It's a no brainer. Stop by and use coupon code VAPOCALYPTIC and pick yours up today!

Monday, March 9, 2015

iStick 30w

I've gotta say, it seems a bit odd reviewing this device with a Sigelei 150w in my hand, but's a pretty kickass little thing. I'd like to thank MtBakerVapor for the shot at reviewing it, the wait was definitely worth it. 

Here, take some specifications, you know you want too.

  • Atomizer short-circuit protection: 
    • If atomizer short-circuits, the OLED screen show “Atomizer Short”.
  • 10s firing cut-off.
  • Low-voltage protection: 
    • Once the battery is below 3.3V the OLED screen will show “Lock”, which means its time to recharge.
  • Unlock the Low-voltage Protection:
    • The iStick begins working again once it reaches 3.7V.
  • OLED Screen.
  • Voltage range varies from 2.0V - 8.0V.
  • Click power button three times while battery is on to switch from VV to VW mode.
  • Passthrough style battery lets you vape while you charge.
  • 2200mAh internal Li-Ion Battery.
  • Power on/off: Press the button for five times to turn the iStick on and off.
  • Low power Alert:
    • If the battery’s power is lower than 10%, the power symbol on the screen will flash.
  • Supports sub-ohm coils.
  • Accurate Metering.

Okay, reviews done, I'm going to sleep.

Just kidding. Wouldn't want MBV to sick those crazy bunch of bastards in GWAR on my ass for running off with such a sweet device. Though, actually, I'd get to meet them, so maybe...ah okay.

First Impression

Man, this is one tiny device. Seriously, it's like half the size of a standard DNA 30w mod, and that's incredible. When you consider a 2200mAh lipo and circuit board are packed into here, you've got to respect the design, you've just got too. It looks sleek and modern, a no frills approach if you will. No odd contours, no out of the box adaptations, just a straight forward, compact, 30 watt box mod. I really like how well it fit into the palm of my hand, it's a very discrete, stealthy piece of engineering. I imagined I'd have some trouble with it, considering my hands are on the larger size, however it felt incredibly natural, and was a nice change of pace from the larger, dual battery box mods.

Build Quality

At 34.99, a hair more than 1 dollar per watt, you've got to ask...okay china, what did you skimp out on? Surprisingly, I've found very little faults to knock in the build quality. It does not have the heft of the IPV series, it does not have intricate engravings, temperature control, nothing. However, it is built very, very nicely.

The actual box feels like it's worth a bit more than the MSRP, despite any real weight to it. In this instance, heft does not dictate quality, and though it feels much like a toy, it is a true powerhouse. The device feels solid, head to do. The spring loaded 510 has quite a bit of give, with all atomizers sitting flush, threading effortlessly. I do not own the 20w, but it is great that eLeaf employed the spring loaded pin, something that is always a welcome addition. Speaking of, it is also now 22mm in diameter, something that will certainly ease the minds of obsessive compulsive vapors the world over. 

The screen is remarkably bright, crisp, and clear. It's on the small side, clearly, but it definitely looks more than a modicum sharper than quite a few other "premium" devices.

One little grip I have with the build quality, however, are the buttons. They certainly work, and have yet to stick, misfire, or show any sign of unresponsiveness....but they just feel weird. It is almost as if the firing switch and adjustment switches are surrounded by rubber. It has no click, no real response, it's as if you're pushing into rubber. This absolutely frustrates me, but it is nit-picky at best if the buttons function as intended, and they do. Outside of that, it is built remarkably well, even offering a USB port to support charging. The port is sturdy, and does not move a bit.

Sadly, however, it is on the bottom of the device. I understand a bit of engineering and schematics go into placing it elsewhere, but seriously, with innovation beating down doors daily, you'd think more companies would opt out for a side-charger. It just works better if it can stand up right, but this is more of a personal thing, at best.


Over the course of a week or so, the iStick 30w was my faithful in car companion. You see, I lack the coordination required to drip and drive, and although I probably shouldn't, I do anyway. With a reasonable powered device at my side, it's worlds easier to throw an RTA or tank on this sucker and keep it handy at those inopportune moments..especially in Arizona, where drivers go to crash.

Frankly, it holds up incredibly well. With a 0.4 ohm limit, it has a wide variety of range, only shying from the ultra-sub ohm, super cloudchasers (and really, this device is far from any of those peoples radars, as it's simply counterproductive.) However, many are content at the 0.4 range, effectively able to chase reasonably dense, large clouds, if they so choose. 

It's nice to have the option, really. With 260w+ mods out there, 30w may seem archaic, but coupled with the right amp limit, it's quite a reasonable amount of power for even the more power hungry people. A nice 0.4 ohm dual coil build at 30w may take a second to ramp up, but when those coils get heating, it's hard to trump the experience in price range. On the opposite side of that spectrum, a nice 1.6 ohm coil at 12-18 watts is also a very enjoyable, satisfying experience. Honestly, it makes me wish that these devices were available when I started, because those both new and old to the market have so much variety at their hands, that some of us did not. You can literally throw this device at almost anything and get a great beginner, intermediate, or even advanced setup. For instance,

Paired with an Aspire Mini, running somewhere around 13-15 watts, you can get a very respectable amount of vapor and unbeatable taste, a true leg-up for those looking to trash the habit for good.

Moving up the ladder, paired with a Sub Tank, or perhaps at Goblin, running anywhere between 14-30 watts, you've got a killer RTA setup that won't break the bank. When you factor in that those particular tanks aren't as power hungry as their counterparts (namely the atlantis and artic) you've got a great flavorchasing setup.

Finally, paired with something like the Atlantis, or maybe even an RBA such as the mutation, you've got the ability to chase clouds, though you may want to look into higher wattage devices at that point. While it is possible, somebody coming from 50w+ or mechanical devices will certainly scoff, as it just can't handle the kind of power users like that are accustomed too. 

Regardless, the flexibility of the iStick 30w is undeniable, and the staying power is nigh unchangeable. At 34.99, you just can't argue with 30 watts, especially when it's so neatly packaged in a compact box.

So, pro's and cons.....

  • Compact
  • 30w of power
  • USB charging capability (as yes, it is also passthrough)
  • Spring loaded 510
  • Beauty ring included
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Versatile device
  • Affordable

  • 2200 mAh battery - can last some two days, others, not so much. Lower wattage builds lead to longer battery life, so while you can go down to 0.4 ohms, don't expect to stay long at 30 watts.
  • Silly charging port location
Honestly, at the price point, you just cannot go wrong. If I could, I'd have two or three in my collection, as they serve as handy, powerful compact boxes to keep in the car, or as a spare. I entirely believe this is an all day device for some people, and to those who have yet to get into the super serious cloud chasing/higher wattage game, this definitely has some staying power, even with the 50w on the market. The good thing about saturation is the price will slowly drop even more, so for those who have no need to go over 30w, I absolutely, sincerely recommend you look into the eLeaf iStick 30w device.